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This is a listing of all the kinetic sculptures I have created since 1975. It is an archive of historical and current work. Most of these are no longer available for purchase because they were created in limited editions. Go to the Current Works page to see sculptures still available for purchase.

You will find photographs, possibly videos, and much more information on many of the sculptures by clicking on the "Click to read more..." link. I have limited information on many of the sculptures from the early years. They were created before video cameras!

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• Limited Edition of 24  • Size: 48"h x 48"w x 7"d  • Run Time: 4.5-5 Hours  

• Aperture © 1993  • Sold Out  • Aperture Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Aperture

This sculpture is composed of 3 main elements. The upper "patterning" portion of the piece is where most of the action occurs. The two lower assemblies are the mechanisms that power and control the upper motion. 

The "real" action in this sculpture takes place in the random motion of the overlapping upper crescents. At first the crescents and the supporting wheel appear locked together as they all rotate in the same direction at the same rate. These static forms transform into much more dynamic patterning forms as the supporting wheel slows and begins to counter-rotate. My favorite pattern is the one that gave the sculpture its name. The crescents all overlap in the center of the supporting wheel and fan out at the same time creating the illusion of a camera lens opening and closing. A variety of interesting patterns form and dissolve always giving something new to discover



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