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This is a listing of all the kinetic sculptures I have created since 1975. It is an archive of historical and current work. Most of these are no longer available for purchase because they were created in limited editions. Go to the Current Works page to see sculptures still available for purchase.

You will find photographs, possibly videos, and much more information on many of the sculptures by clicking on the "Click to read more..." link. I have limited information on many of the sculptures from the early years. They were created before video cameras!

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Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 55"h x 48"w x 10"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 9 Hours 

Edition Sold Out • Frolic Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Frolic:


Within my designing mind there are two factions, one wants to create complex, constantly changing motion and one wants to create mechanisms that are as simple as possible. In the creation of Frolic these factions worked together and the result is a sculpture with a constantly changing series of floating patterns that is controlled by the least complex mechanism I have designed.

I've been exploring floating or bird like motion for more than 20 years in a variety of sculptures starting with Voyager in 1987. I first explored the more complex "2 bird" challenge in Reflections (1993) followed by Soaring (1999) and finally Gemini (2005). Gemini created my favorite motion but it was very large and complex to build and maintain. I knew I'd revisit it someday. The combination of new construction techniques with the accidental discovery of a way to make silent ratchets made possible a design with far fewer mechanical parts that runs longer and is nearly silent as a bonus. Although it is not a small sculpture, it is small enough to fit on a normal 8 foot wall but still looks good on a 12 foot cathedral location. Both examples are shown in the photos.







 Comments via YouTube:

 • "That's just as well, because I could watch it for 9 hours!- 8/15/12 - N

 • "Another stunning creation!- 8/15/12 - IRH 

 • "That is beautiful and the music really complements it, thank you for sharing it, it made me smile. - 8/15/12 - AC

 • "Lovely! I love the name you chose. It adds to the experience. - 8/15/12 - PM

 • "Your work is fantastic - beautifully composed! - 8/15/12 - S8  

Comments via Website:

 "Olá! Que Deus continue te abençoando, pois teu trabalho é abençoado. Quanto aos falcões, achei estilizados demais. Se tirar a circunfêrencia e articular as asas,dará mais realidade aos falcões. Sucesso!!!, FRA - Brazil" - 8/16/12

"While in southern France, I visited a place called Eagle Dungeon. This sculpture reminds me of the soaring hawks I saw there. Mesmerizing!, PB" - 8/16/12

• ""The description provided is certainly appropriate. Not only is the sculpture visually soothing, it is easy to envision the patterns produced by this sculpture as two birds soaring aimlessly in the wind., RS" - 8/15/12 

• ""This new sculpture is awesome, I own one of your beautiful sculptures called Fusion and I love it, everybody that comes to my house sees it at the entrance and are amazed, I still love looking at the motions. thank you, Joe, J.D" - 8/15/12 

 • ""Thanks, it's beautiful, as always. Reminds me a bit of "Wings" one of my all-time favorites!, R.B., " - 5/15/12

 • ""Beautiful. I will try to find a place for it. Thanks for the preview. Bill, B.W., " - 8/15/12, 

 • ""Wow, I've been in love with my AVIAN for a long time but I think I like this one even better...nice work", David and Margie!, G.W. - 5/15/12

 • ""I like this sculpture very much. What makes it stand out is the way the winged figures brings to mind soaring birds and while I know you have already named it, "Soaring Wings" would also be a very appropriate name. I enjoy your many creations for many reasons., H.H., " - 8/15/12


Reader Comments (7)

Since I first saw Frolic, I dreamt of having it at home. Yesterday I recieved it, and now is the master piece of my Living Room. Thank you David! All the best from Mexico City.

May 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEduardo Sein

Enjoy it Eduardo. We haven't shipped many to Mexico but had no problems. Now that you have the sculpture, you'll discover the joy of sharing it with others. It is fun to watch their faces! Marji

May 16, 2013 | Registered CommenterDavid Roy

can this sculpture be placed on the wall horizontally?

June 17, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercori

Cori, Frolic has some flexibility. The bottom portion can be mounted off to either side, but be sure to keep the tension on the spring belt the same. It can not be tilted but it can be located in different places.

June 18, 2013 | Registered CommenterDavid Roy

I love the sculpture, but I have a question.
Are threads used in this sculpture gradually possibly worn down so that the buyer needs to update them regularly?

February 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDebra

Debra, I use a very strong woven fish line. I have been using it for close to 40 years and wear and tear on the string isn't a problem. Rarely does it need to replaced, and often the reason is someone cuts the string, not that it wears out!

February 25, 2014 | Registered CommenterDavid Roy

I got the last available "Frolic" for my birthday just this last weekend. The piece is breathtaking in its movement and never seems to repeat a given pattern, It is silent and very complex in its "visual imagery". A true piece of art and the best addition to our home and art ever...Thank you so much!!! Mark D.

February 26, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMark

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