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This is a listing of all the kinetic sculptures I have created since 1975. It is an archive of historical and current work. Most of these are no longer available for purchase because they were created in limited editions. Go to the Current Works page to see sculptures still available for purchase.

You will find photographs, possibly videos, and much more information on many of the sculptures by clicking on the "Click to read more..." link. I have limited information on many of the sculptures from the early years. They were created before video cameras!

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One-of-a-kind  •  Size: 54"h x 41"w x 9"d  •  Run Time: 12 Hours 
Apollo © 2007  • Sold  •  Apollo Kinetic Sculpture Directions

About Apollo

In Greek Mythology Apollo is a god. "He is associated with music, poetic inspiration, archery, prophecy, medicine, pastoral life, and in later poetry, with the sun."

In the more prosaic modern world my Apollo is the progenitor of Sun Dance sculpture. I was very excited by this patterning motion but the sculpture was too large to produce in an edition. I designed Sun Dance with the same motion but on a smaller scale and left Apollo as one of the first sculptures in my new one-of-a-kind series.


Comments via YouTube:

• "It's hypnotic." -11.08 - Tingilyawen 

• "This is so beautiful ! ~ I really like your concept of spring wound....cordless" -  2.08 - woodessence 


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