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This is a listing of all the kinetic sculptures I have created since 1975. It is an archive of historical and current work. Most of these are no longer available for purchase because they were created in limited editions. Go to the Current Works page to see sculptures still available for purchase.

You will find photographs, possibly videos, and much more information on many of the sculptures by clicking on the "Click to read more..." link. I have limited information on many of the sculptures from the early years. They were created before video cameras!

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Quark Cotillion

• Limited Edition of 36  
• Size: 48"h x 55"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 16 Hours  
• Quark cotillion © 2000 
• Sold Out
Quark Cotillion Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Quark Cotillion


A quark is a hypothetical elementary subatomic particle. This sculpture reminded us of the order and chaos of the atom, hence the name. Quark Cotillion is the next generation of the motion and mechanism I first explored with my sculpture Rhapsody. I have used a series of six combination wheels to create a more complex and kaleidoscopic motion.

Each of the six combination wheels stays in a nearly fixed orientation while being orbited at a changing pace about a common center. This results in a fascinating array of constantly changing kaleidoscopic patterns. The entire assembly is powered and controlled by the mechanism on the left-hand side of the sculpture. This piece runs almost silently for about 16 hours.


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